So I left you after my nighttime run, flashing at the Students at Edge Hill (hold on, that doesn’t sound right…read the blog, you’ll see what I mean).  My next runs were in the mornings.  This was an altogether different affair.  It was cold but the sun was shining, I was casting shadows across the field (albeit in the opposite direction to what they were in the summer).

The only problems was that with it being so cold my glasses began steaming up after about 5 mins, so I ran the whole circuit looking like Vincent Van Gopher from Deputy Dawg (topical reference there that will mean nothing to anyone under the age of 40).  Also when I got home and was sat on the front step taking my running shoes off I was steaming.  No not in that sense, literally steaming!  Steam was rising from my feet; when I took my jacket off that was steaming as well and when I caught a glimpse of myself in the window, even I was steaming. If I lay down in the street Ormskirk would be transformed into a scene from New York.

On Monday I plucked up the courage and ran my first 5K for a while.  It wasn’t too bad, but just as I got tot the furthest part of the course when I was still running away from home, the rain started. At this point I was tempted to give up.  Then bang on cue, the Final Bell from the Rocky Soundtrack came on my iPod (which I still accidentally call my  “Walkman”). For those of you unfamiliar with the tune, you can find it here:

Just skip past the first 14 seconds.  Listened to it?  Good isn’t it?  I love the crazy bongo player.  How can you not feel like Rocky with that playing in your headphones? (I also have the same acting ability, IQ and diction of Sylvester Stallone.)  That got me past the hardest part of the course and I completed my run in a record time (however
I am not going to divulge whether it was a record fastest or slowest time).

Another thing that I have been struggling with are leaves.  I’ve been slip sliding around like a mad man.  Do they always fall off and just lie and the floor?  They are a health and safety nightmare.  I’m surprised no one has tried to sue a tree for wilful and negligent shedding of foliage.  And when they get wet they form a mush.  It was never like this when I was kid.  I blame the Euro.  Anyway judging by the rain we have had today, Heaton Park is going to be run, run, sliiiippppyyy tomorrow.

My bag is packed (running shoes, waterproof, pork pie in case I get peckish) and I’m as ready as I’m going to be.  I’ll let you know how I get on in my final blog next week.  If you feel inspired to sponsor me click here: .  If you fancy a Pizza try here:


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