Today is the last day of our trip and over the past few days we have been chatting about the highlights.  In true Nick Hornby style we have. Compiled our “Best….” List.

Best Apartment: Como. (Closely followed by Vienna)
Best Selection of mugs : Prague
Best Blogging position: Prague
Best Wifi: Vienna (24mbs download. Woohoo)
Best Shower: Vienna (if you tilted your head the wrong way you could end up water boarding yourself).
Best Recycling: Como
Best Sofa: ComoBest Bed: Vienna
Best Bathroom: Vienna
Best Elevator: Vienna (it was the only place that had one!)
Best Kitchen: Como (narrowly beating Prague)
Most Exciting Key: Como (it was like a night’s mace)
Best View from a Window: Como (but I like the view we had in Freiburg)
Best Train: Vienna to BudapestBest Train Station: Zurich
Best Blog: Bath Time
Best Meal: Andrew Mixed grill; Karen, steak at Ribs of Vienna
Best Cake: Hazelnut Torte (Vienna)
Best Beer: Ganter (in Freiburg)
Best Non-alcoholic drink: Almdudler
Best cup of tea: Freiburg (it was massive)
Best cup of coffee: Freiburg (same place, same reason)
Best Ice cream: Mozart Sundae (Vienna)
Best Currency; Euro (the conversion is a lot easier than the others)
Best Planed Activity: Spa in Budapest
Best Unplanned Activity: Andrew; Burgerfest/Swing Picnic (Prague).  Karen; the Beatles tribute act (Vienna)
Best Clock: Zurich Jewellers
Best Tour: Bike Tour (Amsterdam)
Best Museum: Zeppelin (Friedrichshaffen) tied with “The Third Man” (Vienna
)Best Magnet bought for dad:  the one of the Bretzel
Best Stupid Comment: Andrew (in Como after seeing the remains of the Roman baths) “So the Romans must have invaded this place as well” (we were Italy).Karen (in Como) “Wow the water in the lake is virtually black…oh hold on I’m still wearing my sun glasses”.
Best City: Karen – Como, Andrew – Vienna

Thanks you all for reading my ramblings. Every day about 100 of you read my nonsense and you don’t seem bored of it.  Thank you also to Karen for putting up with me writing this, proof/fact checking each blog before I publish it and being very patient with me over the last three and a half weeks.   That’s it for this blog.  The next one will probably be Sofia at the end of November.

Our final cake of the day is a traditional French Flan (we are not actually in France, but everyone is speaking it at the airport). Enjoy!

Trip Tally
Cars x 6
Planes x 3
Trains x 15
Bikes  x 2
Trams  x 10
Boats x 4
Bus x 5
Metro x 5
Funicular x 2 (although Freiburg wasn’t a proper Funicular…more a glorified lift).
Fake airships x 1
Museums x 4
Concerts x 3
Theatre x 1
Cinema x 1
Sport x 1
Tours x 5
Different cakes eaten x 24
Different beers tried x 18
Christmas shops visited x 3
Australians spoken to x 9

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