This morning we woke up to the beautiful sound of church bells ringing. Our accomodation is in the old town and we are quite literally down the road from the Royal Palace (which has the most beautiful chimes). The weather here has been, shall we say, variable. By that I mean cold. This morning, after the bells had woken us up, we did the usual check on the weather. Karen picked up her phone and began checking the plethora of weather apps that she uses. I used my windows app. by that I mean I looked out of the window and looked at what people were wearing. 
“Ooh, it’s going to be 6 degrees with a chance of rain” says Karen.
“That lass is wearing a thick coat, scarf and gloves. Let’s call it 4 degrees and we’ll take a rain check (no pun intended) on the rain”. 

I have to say that it is colder here than it was in Geneva in November (there was no blog in that instance as it was one of our secret dalliances with Daz and Sue who don’t like us telling people when we we are away. FYI it was cold, cloudy and amazingly expensive). Today we decided to take in a bit of culture. For those of you who are not up on European history, Warsaw was decimated during the war. I mean seriously. The Nazis planned on razing the the city and creating a model city for their master race. Frightening. Anyway, the Poles are sturdier than that and after the war decided to rebuild the city exactly as it was before. (They knew what they liked these Poles and they wanted things just as they were before.) 
We set off into the old (newish) town this morning. First stop was the cathedral. Amazingly, it was a beautiful reproduction of a 17th century cathedral. How they found the people with the skills to build it I’ll never know. Part of the charm of the reconstruction of the city is the cobbles. The only problem is that they don’t particularly agree with mother. She does now have a stick. Let me explain. 
Mum’s sister, Lil, let’s call her aunty Lil, as that what she is to me, is virtually blind. She has been suffering walking down Lord Street in Southport as dogs keep walking in front of her and she keeps tripping up on their leads. Mum, in her wisdom, trying to help her elder sister suggested that she buy herself a white stick. Not that she thinks she really needs it, more that it may help her locate wayward dogs. So with mum being a share holder in Amazon (at least I hope she is the amount she spends there) decides to order a white stick for her sister. When it arrived, mum decided Lil wouldn’t go for it as it was more like a staff than a stick. But, with it folding up, she thought it might be worth keeping it for herself. Now the only thing is that she had actually ordered the stick with the red stripes (meaning the holder is deaf). So today, mum sets out with her blind/deaf stick being neither blind nor deaf. Saying that, people were certainly more courteous towards her, until they realised that she was neither deaf nor blind at which point they seemed to mutter “at least we only have 2 more years of this lot”. 
We popped into a lot of churches; discovered a lot about the history of the city (which seemed to involve death and destruction) and generally had a rip roaring time. (Yeah, in 2 weeks’ time we will be sat on a sun lounger in Spain. How does that compare to the fun we are having here?) When we returned to the apartment we sat and watched the world outside the window (we have no English telly). We may be simple, but we are happy.  

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