Whenever we go out there is a constant battle between the Tom Tom and Google maps. Today we wanted to go to Colmares. This is a little town right on top of a hill that directly faces us in our villa. In the evening, when the sun catches it, it reflects the sun with a beautiful white light and when it goes dark, it glows with a lovely twinkly sheen. As we sunbathe we look at the town and we are so close that we feel that we could touch it. However, in reality, it is down a mountain into the valley and up an equally high hill on the other side. It’s a bit like when people look out from Southport over to Blackpool and they think that can walk it, forgetting that they would have to cross the Ribble Estuary to get there. 

We decided to go to Colmares today so I put the destination into Tom Tom and Nikki put it into Google maps. Tom Tom came up with a duration of 56 minutes and Google maps nearer 30 minutes. The thing was that Tom Tom took us around the side of the hill, whilst Google maps took us through the valley. This pretty much epitomises the difference between the two of them. Tom Tom is a very prim and proper lady, whereas Google is from the “just do it generation”. 

Tom Tom: I have chosen the safest route for you. It will involve nice roads and you will arrive there safely. 

Google: Dude, what are you doing? They can virtually touch it from their pool side. Just follow the road into the valley.. 

Tom Tom: I’m sorry, but that road looks a bit dangerous. My route may take longer but it is much better, on nice roads with white lines and safety barriers. 

Google: Some of my roads don’t even have tarmac. Come on. Live a bit. Recalculate your route.. 
Tom Tom:. I have recalculated the route and it now takes 10 minutes longer, but the route is even nicer and now includes a nice ceramics shop along the way. 

Google: Say what! These guys just want to get up the hill to the town as quickly as possible. That isn’t a route recalculation. 

Tom Tom: Pish and tosh. If you think you can do better, recalculate your route. 

Google: The only way that I could make my route faster is to zip wire them across, which would admittedly be sick. 

Tom Tom: You, young Google, are irresponsible and immature. They will obviously take my sensible route as they trust my beautiful clipped English tone and clear instructions.  

Google: Whatever!!!

Being young at heart (average age of the party 58) we chose Google. The route was horrendous, involved narrow roads with no safety barriers, dodging stray animals in the road and a close encounter with a lorry coming the other way, which was a bit more excitement than we asked for on a Wednesday morning. But we arrived safely and in one piece approx. half an hour later. And what did we do when we arrived? What anyone else would do. We tried to see if we could see our villa from the top of the other hill. I’m glad to say we could. 

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