The weather here has been, to say the least, changeable. Being in the mountains, we do have a bit of a microclimate and the weather can be completely different 2km down the road. When you look at a rain radar map of the area you can see a yellow splodge with a red edge over el Vilosell (a bit like the spot on my face, which you will be glad to know is clearing up).

I have now progressed to checking 4 weather apps and taking an average. (FYI: iPhone weather – always the most optimistic; BBC weather – slightly more pessimistic; Accuweather – the most pessimistic, but quite often the most accurate; Weathermate – rubbish but has lovely graphics, and curiously the moon’s age.) The thing is, they are all redundant anyway as they can only accurately forecast about 5 minutes in advance.

The other day we were sun bathing in gorgeous sunshine when some black clouds came across the sky. “Don’t worry” piped up Tibu, “those clouds will pass in 15 minutes”. We were then subjected to a hail storm which resulted in ice the size of pebbles falling from the sky.

The one thing we do have a lot of is lightning. Not always thunder, very rarely rain, but I don’t think we have had a single night when there hasn’t been some lighting (which can be terrifying when you have just got up to go the bathroom and suddenly the whole villa is lit up like something out of a horror film). The other night it was just over the nearest set of mountains so after dinner we retired to our sun loungers and watched the light show. The problem was it was lacking a soundtrack. A quick YouTube search and a minute later we were sat there watching thunder with “O Fortuna” blasting out. (In case you don’t know “O Fortuna” is the music they use on the X Factor and the music from the 1970’s Old Spice advert depending on your age/point of reference.) Sometimes the light show even matched the music. Perfect. Nearly….

The thought then stuck me, what would make this even better would be watching the light show, with O Fortuna playing….in the hot tub. A minute later I was in my trunks, running through the sprinklers which had come on to water the grass, and was in the hot tub. Shortly afterwards my co-holidayers (© Andrew Fenner 2018) joined me and we sat and watched the storm neck deep in warm water. Perfect. Meanwhile, the villagers watched on, sharpening their pitch forks…..

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