This is the last day of the holiday so I don’t usually write a blog as we are normally up stupidly early and off to the airport to fly home. However on this occasion we are flying back on a late evening flight so have the luxury of not having to set off for the airport until 4:00pm.

When the gang found out that I wasn’t writing a blog I was tasked with the job of writing the entry in the visitors books. Looking back at some previous entries the main themes were the pool, the eating areas etc. My personal favourite was:

“Thank you so much for the wonderful stay! This house is truly beautiful and only 2 people ran into the glass door”. Note it doesn’t say how often the 2 offenders ran into the glass door.

Deciding that this was a perfect opportunity to mess with future guests heads, I decided this is what we should write:

“Well that was an adventure! Thank you so much for allowing us to stay in your lovely villa. The pool, table tennis and hot tub were fantastic. But the quad bikes you left us in the garage (under the upper terrace) were amazing. We drove around the fields for hours and then headed down to the village. It’s very generous of you to have a tab at the bar for all El Maset guests. Paco was very obliging with the endless supply of drinks and tapas he bought to us on most nights. And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we found the pool retracted (like in Thunderbirds) to reveal a tennis court. That explains why the pool is that shape and size! We did wonder!

I think its really open minded of you to allow a group which such an infectious skin diseases as we all suffer from into your home. Some people would be uncomfortable about allowing us to use the towels, bedding and seats, buy your acceptance is a true inspiration. We have posted all about you in the help forum so expect more bookings soon! (Quick tip, boil washing the towels will definitely cleanse the them, but it might be worth buying some new bedding. I would bleach the work surfaces as well).

We will definitely be returning in the future. Just one small point, we were a bit concerned about the running into the glass doors so we bought a screwdriver set from the Chinese Bazaar in Montblanc and temporarily removed them. We did put them back seemed to have rather a lot of screws left so it might be worth taking care when opening them in the future. Adios amigos ”.

What we actually wrote was:

“We have had a wonderful stay in the villa. It is without doubt the most picturesque and well equipped villa we have rented in Spain. The scenery is beautiful, the sunsets stunning and we spent many hours in the evening just gazing at the starry night and admiring distant lightning storms. We’ll definitely be recommending this place to our friends. Hope to visit again.

Rachel, Tibu, Nikki, Karen and Andrew”

Yeah, I know boring, but the gang made me do it. However, they has no idea what I will be writing on TripAdvisor (rubs hands together and laughs in a maniacal manner).

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